Daze Days

Eine Rezension

The photography of #elsegruesst presents itself as a visionary tale, where the visible and the intangible meet. We travel within her photographs and discover stories that will perhaps remain in our imagination or walk away with the one we see.

Through a great creative fury, using ICM (intentional camera movement), the dramatic and poetic load of the work is emphasised, which overlaps with the contrasting feelings of the observer. A human moment is imprinted, an instant of existence that remains imperceptible but still deeply attached to us.

The artist attempts to place her curious and attentive soul in her photography, placing every detail of of the world, every memory, and every single feeling. The image is thus characterised by chaos and balance, where the colours of the lights and the foreground figure that emerges in the photograph, although blurred, seems to have a perfect contour.

The scene shows a desire to hint at an unseen beyond, creating a feeling of mystery and fascination around the bright and opaque representation.

The movement of the camera allows the viewer to identify with the person portrayed, but at the same time to wonder where they are going or what they are experiencing. With a wave of mystery, the character heads towards an unknown destination, as if to hide from the world around him, which seems to disappear and dissolve.

There is an interaction with the observed person, even if indirectly, leading the observer to ask questions and percive that link with the present from which, however, he also seems to want to distance himself. In the background there seems to be almost a call to follow him, leading the viewer to a sort of doubt of perplexity and nostalgia.

The photography of #elsegruesst produces a totality and continuity in time and place. Her art is a continous becoming where different moods, places and memories are explored, brought to light, and changed. The expression, generated by an instinct, creates an enchanting narrative, where the sort of pursuit is made cautious and intimate by the movement of the camera. The reality is a creation that, inescapably, leads to a state of restlessness and uncertainty, where the observer has the desire to delve deeper into the scene, almost in the ambition of impossible focus.

The connection with Manu Katchés music leads to a more complex and marked emotional picture. A connection between music and photography that leads to pushing the scene towards and undefined and undiscoverd beyond. The melody, like noisy footsteps within the scene, leads the spectator to imagine an illusory pursuit, leading him to an attitude of openess towards what is depicted and towards what surrounds us in everyday life. A melancholic transport where imagination and reality meet. 

Alba Morosini, M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, Exhibition „LIQUID ARSENAL“ 

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